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Oh I'm not directing this towards you good people. I understand and can appreciate people who still enjoy playing video games and are drawing inspiration from them.
So if you still have a lot of enjoyment playing them that's great. This journal entry is not aimed at gamers.

It's more or less my own personal experience. Something I've been discovering about myself.

I need to ask; whenever you buy a game or rent many of them do you truly complete? Or are you more into games that technically have no endings and are a long series of challenges.
Are you a modern day gamer more than an old school one or vice versa?

Cause either way; I'm finding that I'm not as engaged or dedicated to games like I used to be. It used to be that I would start a game and would see it through to the very end. This was initially during my "gaming period" which was roughly 1994-2008.
And now I'm finding that no matter how many games I am collecting or playing; something in me just can't get myself to continue seeing a game through to completion. Or getting all the extras for that matter.
And I'm not just talking about current games; I'm talking about old school ones too. Whether by cartridge or emulator; the last old school game I completed was 'Kirby's Adventure.' But I wasn't out to get the full 100%. After I beat it; I just didn't care to revisit it.

Am I beginning to think video games are boring? They're not as engaging as they used to be? Well....maybe.
And again this is from my own personal experience.

I think one of the reasons I'm not a gamer like I used to be; is because during my initial 'gaming days'; I didn't have a lot of money or transportation to go around to buy or rent games. It was a rare instance when I could rent one. Now that I have a vehicle and an abundant source of cash to spend on games; getting a game is so easy that I don't feel like it's special anymore.
Now I can go out or online and get any single game or system I so desired at any time I wanted.

But I think the larger issue on why I'm not as engaging with games anymore is because I'm beginning to think they're a huge distraction and a bit of a waste of time. They're preventing me from pursuing other more important things.
My parents always asked what I wanted to do when I grow up. Secretly in true 'American Beauty' fashion; I just wanted a job with as little responsibility as possible.
But as time went on I found pursuing bigger things like becoming an educator was actually very gratifying. I would find myself after work hours pursuing higher needs and actually thinking about my future. And there have been weeks on end where I wouldn't even think about playing or beating a game anymore.
Hmmm...Am I slowly but surely outgrowing video games?

But that's impossible. Gaming provided me with big inspirations like Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Sly Cooper, etc. etc. I know that once newer installments for said franchises come out I will play them and will beat them. Ultimately this shows that I guess what little gamer is in me is becoming extremely 'selective.' Like I used to be a HUGE 'Metal Gear Solid' fan. But I think the first game grabbed me; the others I have not fully completed yet.
I guess as a gamer I'm not real interested in the new and sticking to what I know. I see no reason to get pumped for newer installations anymore. UNLESS it's something related to my artwork and fan work. (Sly cooper for instance of all things.)

I also feel my need to draw and create more far outweighs me playing something created already for me. I've not outruled the desire to one day make my own video game. For example: A Metroidvania style game featuring Lady Malmsteen. I would love to do it. But more or less to pay homage to Symphony of the Night and created for a solely artistic purpose rather than focus a lot on the gameplay itself. I mean; huge detailed castle with different types of monsters to fight; that's why I liked Castlevania so much.
Does this mean I'm one of those 'video games are art' people? Not really. I think the term 'art' used in video games is very loose; since all the multiplayer and DLC features are where the money is at and can glaze over the "artistic" aspects of a game. But they can still be art if they inspire you to make art.
Though is fan art "art" too? Hell if I knew; that's really debatable.

Bottom line; with me pursuing higher callings and being more focused on my artwork; I don't think i'll ever be the gamer I used to be and won't get the same type of joy I once had from games. I think gaming from my experience is just a time killer now; especially since I'm waiting for the very few titles I know I want to dedicate my time to.
I just feel I'm at that age where I have more important things to do and focus on. Video games are no longer among them.

But if they still give you exciting experiences; all the more power to you. This journal is my own personal experience. I'm not hear preaching to you that gaming is a waste of time. If it's not to you then that's cool.
Just for me; it's starting to wane. This might also explain why you don't see me online gaming/chatting much or at all.
I really am busy.
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Thinking of Changing my Gem OC's Name.… (Peridot is taken) What should I rename her? 

24 deviants said Chrysolite.
22 deviants said Olivine.


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