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Not sure if you all visited this youtube channel; but I highly recommend it:…

A series of 'Top' videos created and narrated by different people. What I like about these listers are things that separates them from other 'Overly Saturated Top Ten' videos like those created by WatchMojo. (Seriously I used to like watching them....but their nerdom has gotten so out of hand they even made a Top-Ten Video Game Idle animations video. Oh C'mon....Really!? DORKS!!)
Anyways....among these things are the following:
- No restrictions on how many slots there are. It's not a Top Ten; and it's usually not even a rounded number. These vids can range from 20 to 24, to 40 to even 60. If their subject matter has enough interest they will create as many slots as seen fit to entertain the masses with no limits on how many slots they can use.
- Different people narrate each list; for the most part. It's not just one person narrating it. They also have different people usually narrating each slot to add more variety.
- Independent animations created by the makers add for some humorous and inventive effects. Most of this animations or Mods from games like Team Fortress; but how they implement them to fit their listings is genuinely amusing.
- The footage they get for some of their videos is both genuinely interesting and perhaps a bit unsettling. Their research is extensive and where they obtain their footage shows how far they will go to make an unforgettable series of Top Lists. Added is music they got to fit the footage nicely along with their usually somber and professional means of narration.

Their videos are few inbetween however since it obviously takes a long time for them to make them; and sadly many of their videos have been taken down due to copyright issues. Some of my favorite vids of theirs that were taken down were 'The Top Worst Games of All Time' and 'Top Japanese Supernnatural Creatures.'
Those that do remain however you must look at. Here are a few I recommend highly. My own 'Top' list if you will.

10. Top 40 Household Pests - You would think like most lists these would just show still photos of household pests like mice and spiders. Nope; we get live footage of each pesky critter in different homes and environments. It was taken down some time ago due to a music copyright claim; but was thankfully put back up again.
9. Top 55 Hoaxes in Gaming - Not sure how long this one will be up; but do highly recommend watching it. This ranges from Nude codes to Mew. I know as fellow gamers you are naturally curious what other famous hoaxes gamers tried in vain to look for once rumors spiraled out of control.
8. Top 30 Annoying Customers in Retail - Used entirely of G-Modded animations; this takes us into the jungles of retail salesmanship. I'm sure at one point we've all been there working at a job and dealing with any of these clowns. Highly amusing how they have different gaming characters working in retail and equally how some of the gaming characters represent the Wesker for instance. (Imagine having HIM as a customer. O.o)
7. Top 15 Unexplained Sound Phenomenon - Here's where we start getting into the subject of unsettling footage. To listen to some of these sounds can be a bit unnerving; even if some of them really could be explained. Number One in particular is very unsettling; as despite our scientific and technological advancements; these sounds of undetermined origin remind us that there are indeed things out there not to our understanding at all.
6. Top 150 Guns in Games - You love games! You love guns in games! You love listings of gun in games! Top Ten guns in games? Top One Hundred Guns in games? Try One Hundred and Fifty guns in games! HELL YES!!! Watch and see guns of both the past and the present make up a majority of our happiest experiences as gamers.
5. Top 22 Scariest SCPS - Scary is one way to describe both the soundtrack and limited animations they use. Half pseudodocumentary and half "found footage"; the techniques they use to describe the dangerous objects and creatures that reside in this secret facility is just one of the many reasons why some of Tats Top Videos can actually be pretty frightening and perhaps even 'sleep depriving.' Be warned: this is most likely their scariest list of them all.
4. Top 40 Amazing Weather Phenomenon - You'd think a list about the weather wouldn't be all that interesting. But no; far from it. It's incredibly interesting. The footage they got for each slot is both amazing and awe-inspiring. This is just one of the many 'found footage' listings that prove just as entertaining as any other list that would simply describe the weather with a still photograph. Nope; what they found here is truly unique.
3. Top 20 Abandoned Areas - More 'found footage' of some of the eeriest places on earth: that of course being areas once inhabited by us humans. Whenever some people protest the removal of an attraction or an entire city from a natural environment; it never crossed their minds that some of these places would never be demolished. They would simply be abandoned left to rot or at the mercy of looters. Watch more awesome footage of some of mankind's monuments to folly and how each unique misfortune turned a dream into a nightmare.
2. Top 30 Mysterious Government Projects - Here's where the music and somber narration adds to the cultural and historical significance of each government project they list. Naturally they footage they use only adds to its authenticity more. But as you will note: some of these projects range from comical to downright serious. Nothing like Cold-War Era secret projects to get you in the mood huh? Oh and you might be surprised what Number 1 is in spite of us all knowing it happened already. Even more so; it's one we generally accept as 'necessary.' It's true what they say: history is written by the winners.
1. Top 22 Mythological Creatures in the British Isles - I mentioned a removed list that had Japanese folk tale creatures. That sucked because they had footage of some of them like the cat with a forked tail or the hands coming out of walls. In this listing thankfully restored, they too have footage of some of the cryptids; only from the British Isles. Some of it I obviously hoaxed while others seem to be a bit more real. Although a lot of the slots is still images; they are from various artists depictions of the said creatures. This list provides a huge significant cultural look into British history; which as extensive as one could possible imagine considering all the folklore in this listing. To make it all the more authentic is the narrator they have listing off each creature. Although most of Tats' lists have different narrators; this only has one. But his voice goes perfectly with both the imagery and music used to describe Britain's amazingly rich folklore. SO glad they brought it back as it is my favorite of their listings.
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