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March 11, 2013
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SF Girls Tribute by shinragod SF Girls Tribute by shinragod
A long overdue tribute piece I started early in 2012, put on hold for a long period of time only to have finished it weeks ago and then add final touches.
It features the 'selectable' fighting female characters of the 'Street Fighter' series. From Street Fighter 2, to Alpha, to IV. All the girls you were able to 'play as' throughout the series have been lined up in a specific hierarchy. Each row represents a specific attribute or attributes they share. (You know; besides obvious fan service. XD)

before we start the list: I must point out one specific "girl" first included near the very top title.

That girl is POISON - In actuality (specifically from the Japanese version); Poison is really a transgender. She is REALLY a he. Yet to this day I have noticed quite a few people on here did NOT know that. O.o So to avoid the 'You forgot Poison' comments and then having to explain repeatedly why; I decided to put her/him near the top in her/his own slot. Poison is pointing her/his whip at the title. OK: so as to why you are wondering why she was included that's why. Of course: I'd have to explain either way. EEsssshhhh....XD XD

Anyways: first row. This row represents the very first ladies in the Street fighter series.

CHUN LI - Truth is it was Samus Aran who broke the mold for females in video games. But to be fair: that wasn't known until the game's ending. Chun Li was among the first females to step forward right into the limelight from the very beginning and boldly declare she'd fight in the arena with the boys. She set the standard for every fighting game: at least one or two female fighters. (Albeit very scantily clad, well endowed fighters. XD) Many have come since: but I always consider her the 'true pioneer'; and I also still refer to her as 'the strongest woman in the world.' ;)
CAMMY WHITE - Not long after Chun Li, Capcom knew another female fighter was desired. One even skimpier than the last. ;D Enter the "cheeky" Cammy White. With one of the first ever blatant 'female six packs'; Cammy stormed her way on as that elusive acrobatic fighter that made the game having Vega already more irritating. XD A heavy hitter too; Cammy's killer gams were more than match for the brute strength of even those like the great Zangief. (So was Chun Li.) Both Cammy and Chun Li are the essential female fighters who many after were modeled.
ROSE - So already we had two women fighters throwing mean punches and nasty kicks. When the Alpha series came out, Capcom decided to throw more mysticism into the fighting hat. A woman who had mystic 'soul powers.' Rose was that ",magical" woman who relied on her spirit more than martial arts. It was almost like "cheating"; except she was a very vulnerable target and not the easiest character to use. As far as a pionner goes, she was among the first female fighters to include magic in her fighting arsenal while others were relying on weapons and martial arts.

Another thing all three of this girls in the first tier have in common: they got an "understandable" beef with M. Bison. He killed Chun Li's father, brainwashed Cammy, and essentially tried to kill his 'good half' Rose.

The second tier represents the 'young blood' of the series. Another thing these young fighters have in common is they're all from Japan: as is the next tier dammit. XD
SAKURA KASUGANO - Meaning 'cherry blossom'; she bloomed onto the 'Street Fighter' scene and became perhaps an equal, if not even bigger pioneer than Chun Li. She was a girl yes: but more importantly she was a young girl. Barely 16. Yet she fought amongst men who could easily have put her down. Admittedly other fighting franchises (like King of Fighters) did come out with younger female fighters of their own early on. But Sakura was among the first to make this a househould custom and tradition that every fighting game needed a young female fighter. In fact when it came to young fighters: they were pretty much predominantly female. Not often are younger MALE fighters shown (unless we're talking about Guilty Gear's Bridget. XD) Sakura also was more than just a carbon copy of Ryu. She had her own unique moveset; and had speed and power to prove it.
KARIN KAZUKI - And so with Sakura being the female Ryu, we needed a rival. (AKA a female Ken.) Enter Karin. Like Ken she is rich, blond and always vying to be "the best." She has an obsession with beating Sakura; and always seems to find her. However it's more than just her skills: her powerful influences also come in handy. Give credit to a young rich girl who actually can fight and do very well.
RAINBOW MIKA - She has only appeared in ONE game. But her ongoing popularity because of her flare (and big butt) will probably pressure Capcom to eventually put her in another game. Sakura and Karin were no doubt the Ryu and Ken of the female circuit. Would it surprise anyone a female wrestler to become the female 'Zangief' would come along? She has. (Also being a huge fan of Zangief's despite the fact he is probably gay. ;)) I drew her pose here to show off her blatant fan service: her butt and bust. And she is also special for having (if one can even measure these things): the largest bust of any Street Fighter characters. ;)

The next tier has the 'next generation' of younger fighters. Two of which appeared in Street fighter III; the other in a later Alpha installment. And like the second tier: they're all from Japan. Street fighter truly is about "Japanese Pride." XD

MAKOTO - She was originally designed to be Ryu's sister; but Capcom decided that was too confusing. (as if Street Fighter continuity isn't confusing enough already. XD) Most girls in the Street Fighter have an inventive style of their own. Makoto's is straight up Karate: specifically Rindoukan. Most girls also dress revealingly and fashion themselves for fan service in the Street fighter series. Makoto is a straight up tomboy who doesn't fix herself to be pretty at all. And when you see her fighting style: you can see why. I can buy her being among the strongest of the younger female characters. She's not overly concerned about looks and is more concerned about making her fighting technique (as well as her dojo) the best around. In fact most people assuemd she was a boy at first. I do not blame them with the way Capcom designs their girls. XD
IBUKI - All female fighters in the series covered some form of martial art that is in the popular medium. It was only inevitable that a 'female ninja' would enter the ring. The first Street Fighter DID have a ninja: Geki. It is often speculated that Geki is somehow related to Ibuki. (Though it's not confirmed.) What is confirmed however is that having a female ninja in the series made Ibuki an immediate hit with the fans. To throw in an extra pinch of her personality and appeal; she has a pet Tanuki named Don. She is also handy with the kunai. Among her more notable traits is her 'turnip like' head with her long bangs sticking out. Give Capcom credit for the outlandish hairstyles. Still: rose's will also reign supreme as the most ridiculous female haircut. XD
MAKI GENRYUSAI - So we have all these young BLONDE female fighters: yet most all of them are from Japan. (Gee Capcom. ;)) Well I know how the Japanese culture is about blondes. I guess in a sense Maki is no different. Bu she is still a bad ass ninjitsu fighter. More specifically; from another series. In fact she and Poison (as mentioned earlier) come from a spin-off series of Street Fighter; "Final Fight." (Final Fight by the way was meant to be the sequel to Street Fighter. XD) I don't know TOO much about her: except I believe her sister is married to Guy and she learned Ninjitsu from guy. (I think she's also the playable female in the Final Fight games: never played those. XD)

The next tier are femme fatales who are known for "fancy footwork." Their fighting style is mostly using their legs: and some of them incorporate dance into their style.

PULLUM PURNA - You know Street Fighter girls are like Disney princesses sometimes. ;) There's gotta be at least one to represent a race or culture. For the 'Middle East' and before we were introduced to Hakkan, we had a belly dancer type fighter named Pullum. She is only from the EX series and hasn't appeared outside it since. Not much known about her except she's also got a beef with Bison like Chun Li due to what Shadowloo did to her father.
ELENA - In terms of legs; you could not get any leggier than Elena's. Hers go on forever. XD (Though Chun Li still has her beat in the thickness department. ;D) speaking of which; she was essentially Street Fighter III's Chun Li AND Cammy. (Ibuki being the Sakura of that series until Makoto came along.) It would have just made since to place her in the third tier along Makoto and Ibuki as the 'girls who appeared first in III.' They have since moved on to other sequels; and this tier's about legginess. ;D And a bit of dancing too: she truly uses it all for her style. Like Cammy she was not too easy to dodge and her reach was quite unfair. Out of all the female fighters I've fought against: elena is the one I still fear the most from the CPU. She has more advantages than I thought. XD
JURI HAN - You know: every female fighter in the Street Fighter series may appear bad at first: but in the end they're good. There was no truly 'bad girl' in the series. Boring. >=-( Thankfully they made Juri. Sure she had a tragic back story; but she got over and continued down a darker path. She was also the first fighter to introduce Tai Qwon Do to the series. Albeit a very flashy dancy style of the art. Do not symapthize: this girl is truly a monster. And it would be a huge dissapointment if Capcom went soft and made her 'sympathetic.' I like her bad: REAL bad. >:-3

The next tier shows Girls who use gadgets or mystic artifacts to win their battles.

CRIMSON VIPER - If Pepper Ann grew up and became secret agent. (the vest leaves me with no complaints. ;D) Her real name is Maya: but Viper is more awesome. The style and outfit screams more 'King of Fighters'; but she somehow managed to fit well into the series. Aside from shooting lightning and fire from her wrists; she also flies. So why the extra long body length ponytail I wonder? XD Wouldn't that make it more suseptable to be burned by her or being grabbed by other fighters. Oh well her suit does physically impossible things and its Capcom. Nothing logical exists. XD XD
INGRID - In terms of fighting I TRULY hate this girl. She is a pain in the ass to fight. Her fighting is like that of dancing and solar energy. The artifacts in question she uses are those solar panel type headresses she wears. In hindsight I shoulda put her in the 'dancing tier' and Juri in this 'gadget' tier. (Juri's got that artifical eye.) Well easy come; easy go. :P
AREA - No one has used more gadgets than this girl. And she hasn't been seen outside the EX series. Like Makoto she is not one for looks: but one for honing her craft. The daughter of an inventor she uses a giant robot arm her father invented. Along with roller blades. Well to be fair: Cammy was originally supposed to wear roller blades into battle. I guess this other twin ponytail wearing brat was the replacement. (Seriously; she looks like Cammy's nerdy little sister. XD)

Next is the 'duo' tier. Though they are not related: these girls are somehow intermingled with one another.

BLAIR DAME and SHARON - Nothing really related about these two. The only thing they share is that they were exclusive to Street fighter EX. One was a wealthy fighter, the other one raised to be an agent. I think I read somewhere they were sisters: but I am sure this is bunk.
JULI and JUNI - These two are related in that they are part of Bison's doll army. They were only playable in Street fighter Alpha 3. Their movesets are pretty much the same; and they're like Cammy too in that sense. On an important note: none of Bison's dolls are also present here due to the fact they're not selectable. A girl has to be a selectable player here to be on this tribute. So none of the other dolls appear on here. :-/
HOKUTO and NANASE - OK these two ARE related. They're sister.s Hokuto is the oldest wearing the traditional Japanese fighting garb. Nanase is the youngest and the one with the pole. Like many of the EX girls I don't know too much about them: except they're the last playable female Street Fighter characters I've put on this list. ;D
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HA HA!! Looks like I did well in preventing that from happening. ;D
Thank you muchly. ^^
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Awesome chibis of the Street Fighter girls (including the ones from EX)! It's good to see Juni and Juli chibis!
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